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Virtus Media Group

Have you ever found yourself unimpressed by the resources available to help you master an important skill, concept, or topic?

Did you ever realize that countless others are feeling the exact same way at the exact same time?

Virtus Media Group is a collection of like-minded individuals, united across industries, countries, and demographics by their passion for community and education.

We believe that life-changing knowledge should be accessible to those for whom it can have the greatest impact.

At Virtus Media Group, we cultivate experience, passion, and natural talent, which is how we built our one-of-a-kind team of financial gurus, marketing strategists, community managers, social media influencers, researchers, designers, developers, and creatives, each of whom promotes independence, curiosity, and empowerment in our audience of over a million members.

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Matthew Lyon




3 platforms

Matt’s background in customer service and outreach has allowed him to create potent and highly engagement content on social media. With a breadth of knowledge and experience with investing and personal finance, Matt’s audience has come to rely on his unique and educational views.

#inclusivity #wealthmanagement #education


Austin Wynn




4 platforms

Austin is an entrepreneur with years of experience across industries, including mental health, finance, and marketing. When he’s not creating and running successful companies, Austin is sharing valuable financial insight and investing tips to his growing audience.

#entrepreneurship #mentalhealth #marketing


Anastasiya Shary




2 platforms

With a rapidly-growing fanbase on TikTok and other social platforms, Ana has become one of our top creators. Ana’s unique perspective is informed by her real-life experience experience in real estate and customer service in addition to her passions for finance and day trading.

#realestate #socialmedia #empowerment

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Virtus Media Group has an incredible team of talented, experienced, knowledgeable professionals. Take a moment to meet them.

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